Next-Generation Buses Service

Ngebis is an application for booking and monitoring buses from anywhere and anytime. Passengers can avoid crowds and uncertainties because they don't have to wait for the bus at the location.


Why must order with Ngebis?


Best Driver & Bus

Easier solution to monitor your driver and bus with Ngebis. You can check the ratings and facilities of a bus


Order in no time

Order trip with Ngebis anywhere and anytime you need it


Estimated trip time

Accurate estimated arrived will save your time


How To Use

1 Pick your destination
The Ngebis application will display all active bus routes.
2 Pick Bus
You can choose bus and departure time.
3 Set Pick Point
Make sure you pin the pick up location on the route provided (yellow line).
4 Click Order Button
Make sure the number of seats is correct.
5 Go to the Pick Point
You must be at the pick up location before the bus arrives.
6 Enjoy Your Trip.

Want to grow your business?

Make your bus company more professional, structured and accountable. Through an operational management system and accurate and fast data visualization.


Want to register as a driver?

Ngebis also makes it easier for drivers to reach passengers. No need to worry about the certainty of passengers because it can be seen in the application.

Come and join Ngebis now!

Get all the conveniences and benefits of traveling together with Ngebis.


Join as User

Get information about travel routes, departure schedule information, and bus positions in real time through the Ngebis application.

Join as Partner

Let's join as Ngebis partners and get the opportunity to reach thousands of customers with the Ngebis application!