How to register as a driver?

Drop us a message from either

sms or whatsapp (to: +6285 601 386 594)

or email (to: 

Phone number and email

You can reach us via any of these channels:

Is it possible for angkot to join Ngebis?

Of course. We are happy to welcome you in Ngebis family.

We are here to help angkots and buses to survive in this disruption era.

Drop us a message via sms or whatsapp in: +6285 601 386 594 .

Is there any registration fee for the drivers?

We serve them free. There is no registration and maintenance fee.

Why are there two apps?

We develop two different apps to serve different type of users: passengers and drivers.

What is Ngebis ?

Ngebis is mobile apps which can be used to book a any type of buses in Indonesia, including angkot (a small passengers car operating in towns or rural areas).

By installing this app you can book the bus or angkot from anywhere and anytime conveniently. You can also set a pick point along the buses route.

You don't need to wait the bus at the road side uncertainly which is common in the era before this app was developed. You can track the buses position that are moving along the route. The driver will be notified and know that you will be there.

You can download the app from PlayStore and AppStore .

Are the apps free?

Yes they are. You can download the apps either from PlayStore or AppStore for free. Guaranteed, there will be no charge forever.