About Us

We are a start-up company originally and based in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

The missions we carry are:

  1. through data science and IT, improving bus services in Indonesia so that buses become the most favorite transportation mode loved by our society,
  2. helping bus companies managing their buses and business in a very elegant and easy way yet, gives and provides excellent results and services.

Our vision is to develop a solid IT system to enable the bus transportation networks becomes integrated and loved by the society.

We have established a company, named PT Bismadata Karya Gemilang, to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision. Our team members are Indonesian young generation who are full of energy and dedication to always work professionally and tirelessly to bring ecellent products and services with no compromise.

Let us excel together and work hand in hand to provide the better bus services in Indonesia.

Warm regards